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Broadpeak presents 1 Tbps software triumph at IBC 2023

The bustling corridors of the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2023 witnessed Broadpeak making quite the splash. The renowned content delivery network (CDN) frontrunner introduced its newest streaming software, an impressive beast capable of handling a massive 1 terabit per second (Tbps).

Chatting amidst the buzz of the event, Elodie Levrel, Broadpeak’s Corporate Marketing and Communications Director, seemed upbeat. “This year’s IBC felt electric. Our team engaged in many insightful discussions, meeting both familiar faces and newcomers from across the broadcasting spectrum,” she shared.

So, what got the industry insiders talking?

A Glimpse into the Future: At the heart of Broadpeak’s showcase was the CDN update. But the showstopper? Their new 1 Tbps streaming software. “This is a big moment for us, and we’re thrilled to share it with the IBC community,” beamed Levrel.

Redefining Live Streaming: Another feather in Broadpeak’s cap was their nanoCDN for Multicast ABR. Further sweetening the deal was their strengthened partnership with DAZN. “Our goal? Streamlining collaborations and making live sports streaming a richer experience,” she emphasized.

Monetization Gets a Facelift: The world of ads is ever-evolving, and Broadpeak seems to be in tune. Their revamped solution for ad insertion promises broadcasters a fresh avenue for revenue. “It’s about adding value at every turn,” Levrel noted.

When quizzed about Broadpeak’s clientele, Levrel offered a broad perspective, “While our roots are with pay TV operators and ISPs, we’re broadening our horizons. Now, we’re engaging more with content creators and OTT platforms, aiming to elevate the viewer experience.”

What sets Broadpeak apart in a sea of tech giants? “It’s our heart and soul,” Levrel mused. “Beyond cutting-edge tech, we pour our ethos into our products. Whether it’s our unwavering commitment to quality or our pledge to tread lightly on our planet, we’re about making a genuine impact.”

IBC 2023, with its global reputation, offers a stage like no other. And this year, Broadpeak didn’t just attend; they owned the spotlight. Through innovative solutions and a genuine commitment to both their customers and the broader world, Broadpeak is shaping a vibrant future for broadcasting.

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