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Business of ‘Storytelling 360’ news production now faster & cheaper

Dalet will be debuting the Dalet Pyramid cloud-native platform at IBC2021. Accommodating both digital-first and linear end-to-end news workflows, the cloud-native Dalet Pyramid solution enables a collaborative “Storytelling 360” approach to multi-platform production and distribution.

Raoul Cospen, Director of Product Strategy, News, Dalet, explained, “Dalet Pyramid builds on Dalet’s Unified News Operations where planning, content creation, asset and resource management, playout and multi-platform distribution have been combined into a single platform that enables production of fast-breaking, digital and live news, current affairs shows, and more.

“The new agile architecture design facilitates collaboration at story-level with the industry’s first Storytelling 360 approach and enables a truly virtual newsroom.” 

Cospen added: “Like all Dalet offerings, Dalet Pyramid is a cloud-agnostic solution that supports multiple cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services. It can also run in virtualised environments, offering unprecedented mobility that supports the industry’s continued pivot to solutions designed to support remote productions.”

The agility of the Dalet Pyramid architecture and inherent benefits of SaaS (Software as a Service) also enable customers to rationalise their productions across the entire operation and increase user productivity everywhere, reducing the overall total cost of ownership (TCO) of the platform.

Combined with its digital-first and “Storytelling 360” workflow capabilities, the solution is designed to transform the business of news production, setting a new bar for operational standards and efficiencies, while opening doors to new revenue opportunities thanks to stronger digital and over-the-top (OTT) workflows, said Cospen.

Dalet will be showcasing the Dalet Pyramid at suite 1BS21 at IBC2021.

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