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Calrec continues to deliver audio output for Fox Sports Australia

The network has purchased a second Artemis audio console from Calrec as part of its studio upgrade

Fox Sports Australia has replaced its Calrec Zeta console with a new Artemis digital audio console at its Sydney headquarters. The Artemis went live last November 30 with a pre-recorded UFC preview show, followed by Just for Kicks, a live-audience football entertainment show.

Antony Koveos, head of audio, Fox Sports Australia Network, said: “When it came time to upgrade to a new console in our main broadcast facility, the Artemis was an easy choice. As we already work with the same desk in our other studio, adding a new Artemis guaranteed a smooth transition for our crew.

“We effectively mirrored and networked the facilities by adding Dante cards in both studios and the intercom system. This has given us a high-capacity intercom interface that extends to the outside world, and is now available on our outside broadcast network.”

It took the Fox Sports Australia and Calrec teams less than 48 hours to decommission the Zeta, and then install and commission the Artemis. The show files were prepped and checked beforehand, so when show time arrived, the operators were able to push up the faders and went live.

The 48-fader Artemis console is installed in Fox Sports Australia’s Studio B.

According to Calrec, the key drivers for the network to add the second Artemis were the ability to link it via Calrec’s Hydra2 network to the existing Artemis in Studio A for the exchange of audio signals, and the ability to add Calrec’s RP1 remote production unit to remotely control signals in the field from an Artemis surface in a studio control room.

Koveos concluded: “The opportunity to call up any function on any panel, replicate them on multiple panels, split the surface for multiple users, and set up alternate monitoring quickly and easily are just some of the benefits that make Calrec consoles user-friendly and functional in an ever-changing production environment.

“Add to this the on-board automix, fader/function control from GPI, or external automation control, and you have a very versatile system.”


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