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Calrec offering affordable engine for ST2110 transition

For broadcasters continuing their journey to ST2110, Calrec is now offering the new ImPulse1 IP audio processing and routing engine, a compact 1U solution with an optional second core for redundancy and a new 128 input channel DSP (Digital Signal Processing) pack offering entry-level pricing.

According to Calrec, the introduction of ImPulse1 is making the move to IP more attainable for all its customers by offering a range of options to suit all budget requirements. ImPulse1 works with Calrec’s Argo Q and Argo S control surfaces, and/or Calrec Assist, a browser-based GUI (Graphical User Interface), ideally suited to remote working, multi operator and/or headless operation. Cores with smaller DSP licenses can also be offered without hardware redundancy.

Dave Letson, VP of Sales at Calrec, said, “Broadcasters are under pressure to improve workflows in the move to ST2210 and reduce costs whilst still demonstrating ROI. With this in mind, we have introduced a cost-effective and compact 1U solution with an optional second core for redundancy and a range of DSP options, including a new 128 channel DSP pack.”

ImPulse1 is designed for small to medium single-mixer applications and is offered with an all-new DSP license of 128 input channels without compromising its ST2110 capability. With a small overall form-factor, it is suited for compact installation sites such as outside broadcast and fly pack applications, where space is at a premium. 

Furthermore, ImPulse1 does not compromise on features and DSP power, offering DSP options ranging from 128 to 384 input channels and benefits from the DSP features from the larger ImPulse core.

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