Calrec’s Brio marks success in Japan

40 Brio audio consoles sold to Japanese broadcasters in 2018

Calrec Audio has recorded the sales of 40 of its Brio audio consoles to a number of Japanese broadcasters in 2018. The installations were provided by Calrec’s Japanese distributor, Hibino Intersound, which deployed the Brio consoles in a variety of ways, including for sub-mixing or as backup consoles.

Takashi Kozuma, manager of the broadcast market at Hibino, commented: “Because the Brio is a compact and less expensive console than others in its class, we’ve been able to penetrate the broadcast market here in Japan on a pretty impressive level. Our customers highlight that the Brio is easy to learn and use, and they are also particularly impressed with Calrec’s flexible Hydra2 networking capabilities.”

Designed as a digital broadcast audio console, Brio is packed with features to support applications such as integrated talkback, and multiple monitor outputs. Brio is available in two sizes: Brio36 and Brio12. The former comes with a 36-fader dual-layer surface at 892mm wide, while the latter features 12-fader dual-layer surface at 484mm wide.

Anthony Harrison, international sales manager at Calrec, concluded: “The need for a high-quality broadcast console is prevalent in Japan, which is proven by the success we’re having there with Brio. We’re delighted that so many broadcasters in the region are able to harness the power and networking capabilities of Brio.”


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