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Calrec’s Type R simplifies customisation across established networks

Calrec Audio will be displaying Type R, its IP-based radio system that combines standard networking technology with configurable soft panels, thus allowing users to customise the system accordingly to their needs.

Packed within 2U, Type R is integrated with I/O resources, and support up to three independent mixing environments in a single core. Type R is also equipped with the ability to use multiple mixing engines, allowing users to deploy the IP-based system as independent studio consoles, microphone processors or utility mixing.

Type R’s physical control system comprises three panels: a fader panel, a large soft panel, and a small soft panel. Each panel is compatible with commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, and can be powered over Ethernet to keep cabling to a minimum.

Fader panels can be added or removed by plugging or unplugging an Ethernet cable, creating a radio infrastructure that is easily expandable.

Additionally, soft panels can be utilised in either landscape or portrait formats, providing specific functionality for talent, while ensuring overall control is maintained by the station’s technical team.

Calrec will also be presenting the RP1, a remote production unit that is packed in a 2U rackmount box and includes the company’s Bluefin2 processing.
RP1 provides local digital signal processing (DSP) to enable the generation of monitor mixes and interruptible foldbacks (IFBs) with no latency, said Calrec. It gives operators in a remote studio control over channel functions such as microphone gains, aux send/monitor mix levels and fader levels, while also providing a mechanism to embed audio into existing backhaul technologies, such as SDI.

Visit Calrec at booth 6C3-01 to find out more.

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