CASBAA trains its eyes on the Philippines’ pay-TV market

This month, CASBAA, the association for the multi-channel audio-visual content creation and distribution industry across Asia, will identify new opportunities of the robust pay-TV market in the Philippines’.

CASBAA is holding a conference on ‘Philippines in View 2017’ on August 30 at the Marriot Hotel in Manila.

With a light-touch regulatory environment for the Philippines pay-TV industry (which features no rate regulation, no channel “landing rights” licencing or regulation of tiered/bundled offerings), join CASBAA and a roster of expert speakers at this exclusive gathering to identify further opportunities in a surprisingly robust pay-TV market.

Since the launch of the first multi-channel video services in the Philippines 25 years ago, this market has been set for growth, says CASBAA.

Currently, the country of 100 million people boasts of 18.5 million television households (TVHHs). Subscribers to various content delivery platform services also number in millions, with GDP per person standing at US$3,000.

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