Using Viz Arena, Catalyst Media was able to insert an advert for a local feed while using a different advert for the international feed.

Catalyst Media deploys Viz Arena during ICC football tournament

Using Vizrt’s Viz Arena, Catalyst Media is able to deliver localised virtual ads to viewers in specific regions

Taking place from July 20- Aug 12, the International Champions Cup is a pre-season football tournament that features some of Europe’s biggest clubs. To utilise the on-field ads that reach football fans globally, Catalyst Media, a sports marketing agency, has teamed up with Vizrt to insert region-specific virtual cam carpets — tied to field virtual advertisements — for each match.

Particularly for the local Singapore feed, Catalyst Media used a “SINGAPORE” advert while using a “LOVEBET” advert for the international feed. Using Viz Arena to insert these ads allowed Catalyst Media to place the ads on the pitch virtually, without the need for additional hardware in the stadium.

The matches were broadcast live in 179 countries.

Sandra Dharmawan, vice-president, broadcast, Catalyst Media, commented: “We were impressed by the simple logistics and clean output of the system. This leaves everyone happy: the production people because of the seamless integration, the operator for the minimised efforts needed, and most important, the sponsors to guarantee the cleanest possible appearance.”

Designed for live sports enhancements, Viz Arena enables broadcasters to place virtual 3D graphics into their live coverage of a sports event. The system’s calibration is the result of Vizrt’s feature-based referencing technology, and is further equipped with virtual ad insertion function for the addition of 3D ads to any sports that are adapted for multiple regions.

Viz Arena features an interface that allows a single operator to set up an ad for a live game. Within a single system, the solution is able to manage four separate feeds, each with a separate ad, with the option to expand the number of feeds by adding other systems.

All the ads used for the games were designed in Viz Artist, the company’s 3D design software, and were rendered using Vizrt’s rendering platform, Viz Engine. Viz Arena is also capable of driving augmented reality (AR) graphics, and includes live 3D analysis tools that are designed for video assisted referee.

Remo Ziegler, vice-president for Vizrt’s sports products, concluded: ”Virtual advertising is a keystone of Vizrt’s sports offering. Vizrt is proud to help customers around the globe with state-of-the-art solutions to monetise their content.”

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