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Caton Technology’s Media XStream now available on AWS as a SaaS

Caton Technology has successfully completed the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Foundational Technical Review (FTR) for its Media XStream software-as-a-service media delivery platform.

The FTR enables AWS partners to identify and remediate risks in their products or solutions. A self-service review, the FTR process provides specific guidelines and AWS best practices to reduce risks around security, documentation, reliability and operational excellence, as defined by the AWS-Well Architected Framework.

Building on the successful FTR, Caton Technology is now an AWS Managed Service Provider for Caton Media XStream, a transformational, cloud native approach to content delivery over IP including the public internet.

Media XStream is designed to eliminate the unreliability and unpredictability of carrying content globally via the public internet. It combines high quality content delivery with a management network that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to determine all the possible routes a signal could take between source and destination. It also establishes which route offers the best in terms of quality, reliability, and cost-efficiency, then dynamically reroutes the signal almost instantaneously if a better route is available, or congestion appears.

Michael Yang, Senior VP at Caton Technology, said, “What we have achieved in developing Media XStream, and are delivering in collaboration with AWS, is a technology platform that eliminates the problems of the internet, creating an intelligent platform to deliver the most valuable content, completely reliably, with guaranteed security, and with simple set-up and no operational demands.

“Our distributed cloud architecture complements exceptionally well with the centralised architecture of AWS.

“Completing the AWS FTR is another key step in demonstrating the effectiveness of our solution.”

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