CBC employs Bitmovin’s Video Player for Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland’s multi-screen approach

Designed as a single solution for all device platforms, Bitmovin’s Video Player is tapped to increase the German broadcaster’s reach beyond TV

CBC, a German media company, has utilised Bitmovin’s HTML5 Web player and software development kits (SDKs) to power multiple Web, mobile and online platforms for broadcaster Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland to increase the reach of their content beyond TV screens.

The installation of Bitmovin’s Video Player provides CBC with a single solution for all platforms, thus reducing the time required for custom development of each Web browser, Android or Apple device. Based on an API approach, Bitmovin’s video player offers features that can be selected and adjusted accordingly to the broadcaster’s needs, including customised user interfaces, digital rights management (DRM), support for encrypted content, and integration of Bitmovin Analytics to monitor performance, and advertising support to allow CBC to place targeted commercials in all over-the-top (OTT) products.

Andreas Schmeiler, head of software development, online services at CBC, explained: “Today’s consumers want to watch content not only on TV screens but also on mobile devices. We needed a solution that enables us to deliver a broadcast quality of experience for premium content and commercials, without compromising on content protection features.

“Bitmovin’s feature-rich player provides the backbone to our custom video players, and saves us from major investment into building our own solutions.”

In addition to DRM and advertising support, Bitmovin’s video player is equipped with the capability of addressing device compatibility, platform updates, and new streaming formats and codecs. With SDKs for Android, iOS, tvOS, smart TVs and desktop apps, the player is compatible with several platforms, allowing viewers to access content regardless of the device type they are using at any given time.

Furthermore, the player is able to simplify encrypted streaming through the support of multiple DRM integrations, and offers advertising solutions to allow users to select the optimal monetisation model to support their business.

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