CCTV buys 16 AEON-TX 4K transmitters

As China starts embracing 4K technology with open arms, its national broadcaster CCTV decided to purchase from DTC Broadcast, a UK wireless technology supplier, 16 complete sets of AEON-TX 4K transmitters, PRORXD-AEON receivers, antennas and ancillaries.

Gareth James, DTC’s regional sales manager for APAC, exclaimed: “This landmark sale is a major entrée into this vast market, and what better way to enter than with the AEON-TX.

“It further illustrates the value of having a strong partner in the region, and we’re proud to partner with IDEAL Systems.”

IDEAL Systems — a leading systems integrator in Asia — has been assigned to take delivery on behalf of CCTV.

According to DTC, a company dedicated to designing 4K-centric products, the AEON 4K encoder efficiently leverages the HEVC algorithm to take a 12G signal and compress it to a bitrate that can be transmitted over an RF link.

For high-profile live events, the AEON-TX is equipped with dual-pedestal capability to provide reliability and robust quality — and it can enable 32Mb of data to be sent over a 16-QAM channel.

By doing so, the AEON-TX empowers operators to live-broadcast in 4K securely and over long distances.

CCTV is DTC’s first major customer in China and this is another example of DTC’s continued focus on strong partnerships in the broadcast sector in Asia-Pacific region.

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