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CFG says sound greater than visuals installed 147 Genelec monitors

A total of 147 Genelec monitors have been installed across 28 recording studios, editing rooms and production studios of the China Film Group (CFG), a forward-thinking production house that has consistently embraced the latest technologies.

CFG upgraded due to the increased importance that is placed on audio by consumers. Wang Danrong, CFG’s Sound Director, explained, “In film and television, sound is greater than visuals, where ‘greater’ refers to the spatial extension.

“Sound fills the entire space, while visuals are confined to the screen.”

This shift has placed different demands on the monitoring environment, with engineers placing more emphasis on precision and uniformity. 

“When evaluating a piece of equipment, we usually consider its technology, parameters, and more,” Wang continued. “Personally, I believe it’s essential to look at the brand’s history and its pursuit of sound. I find Genelec’s pursuit of ‘real’ sound quite reliable.”

The staggering breadth of the project has seen CFG equip four 7.1.4 immersive rooms, 20 rooms with either 5.0 or 5.1 surround systems, and a further four stereo rooms – entirely with Genelec Smart Active Monitoring. And all the studios in the complex have benefitted from system calibration via Genelec’s GLM software.

With the rooms installed and calibrated, one of the major advantages has been the consistency of sound throughout its Sound & Picture Production Centre. “Although the models in each room may differ, there is a basic consistency in all Genelec monitors,” explained Wang.

Wang Guanghou, Mixing Engineer CFG, added, “Using GLM, there’s almost no need for extensive manual operations. Just running GLM once covers most aspects.

“The consistency of the L-C-R channels after GLM calibration is better. Moreover, GLM allows for precise adjustment of the subwoofer’s phase … Genelec’s sound is like lightly roasted coffee, preserving its original and authentic aroma, without any additives or miscellaneous flavours!”

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