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Charlton Media Group acquires APB+ from Editec International

Charlton Media Group has acquired Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+, a trusted source of information for the broadcast and multimedia industry in Asia-Pacific from Editec International. Since 1983 Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+ has been the much-respected go-to for all media players, business strategists and entrepreneurs across all industries seeking knowledge, inspiration and resources about the broadcast and multimedia industry in Asia, and was the official BroadcastAsia Show Dailies in Singapore for more than 20 years.

Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+ has a wonderful heritage and deep connections in the broadcast and multimedia industry,” said publisher Tim Charlton. “We very much respect the brand equity and audience relationships, and will continue building on the tradition of the brand, which was helmed by veteran publisher Andrew Yeo since 1997 and transformed during the pandemic years by publishing director Karen Ralls-Tan.

“I very much appreciate how much time, care, attention and ultimately passion for the broadcast and multimedia industry Andrew has put into Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+; and as we dive deeper into the industry, we will continue that legacy,” added Charlton.

Charlton Media publishes a stable of industry titles, including Asian Banking & Finance, Insurance Asia, Retail Asia, Healthcare Asia and Asian Power, in addition to city business titles such as Singapore Business Review and Hong Kong Business.

“Over the past two years, we transformed APB+ from being a print-only media to one that is data-driven and more customer-centric,” said Ms Ralls-Tan, a seasoned digital media and CRM professional.

“We believe that Charlton Media Group, with its strong team of customer relations executives and the robust infrastructure we have established over the past two years, will be able to take APB+ to new heights and provide next-level value to its clients.”

Yeo concurred, “I am duly impressed by Tim’s stable of publications and the time has come for me to hand over the magazine to a younger experienced publisher. Indeed, I am very glad that Tim Charlton is taking over APB+ and will continue building upon the mantra of the brand — News You Can Use!”

And here’s a little newsbyte you can use — Tim is insisting Andrew to remain as Emeritus Editor of APB+ for the next six months or so.

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