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Charlton Media Group acquires Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+

Charlton Media Group acquires Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+

The group pledges to uphold the 40-year legacy of the broadcasting media platform.

In a significant development, Charlton Media Group recently acquired Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+, a prominent media platform that has been the voice of Asia’s broadcasters across terrestrial, satellite, and streaming channels for the past 40 years.

Timothy Charlton, the new publisher of Asia-Pacific Broadcasting and owner of Charlton Media Group, shared his enthusiasm and future plans during a recent interview.

Charlton expressed his respect and admiration for Andrew Yeo, the previous owner and publisher of Asia-Pacific Broadcasting, who maintained the publication up to last year. Yeo has now assumed the position of editor emeritus during the transition period.

One of the significant new initiatives Charlton is eager to introduce under his leadership is the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+ Awards. The event, slated for 8 June in Singapore, coincides with the Broadcast Asia Conference.

“The Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+ Awards are designed to recognise excellence in broadcasting, particularly from the back end—from production, engineering, digital, and all the teams that keep our broadcasts going, along with all the innovations they come up with,” explained Charlton. 

He emphasised that these awards are designed to honour the achievements of those who often work behind the scenes, ensuring the seamless operation and continual advancement of the broadcasting industry.

The Awards have already garnered considerable interest from various companies in the industry. Charlton encouraged everyone in the broadcast industry to participate. “Get your tickets, get your nominations in, and come see the best of what Asia-Pacific broadcasters are able to do and have achieved,” he urged.

This significant acquisition of Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+ by Charlton Media Group marks a new chapter in the platform’s 40-year legacy, promising continued excellence while also introducing an avenue to recognise the contributions and innovations of industry professionals.

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