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Check out PROTON CAM @ NAB, world’s smallest broadcast camera

PROTON Camera Innovations, a German innovator in the field of miniaturised cameras, is marking its NAB debut with the launch of PROTON CAM, which the company says it’s the world’s smallest broadcast-quality camera.

PROTON CAM is tiny in size, measuring just 28mm x 28mm and weighing only 24 grams; but it also incorporates specifications compared to other comparable broadcast cameras on the market.

From an image quality standpoint, it incorporates 12-bit sensor technology and advanced field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) to deliver high resolution and dynamic range, capturing every detail with exceptional clarity. It also grants a wide-angle view of up to 120° and good low-light performance, without any image distortion, thus allowing broadcasters significant flexibility and creative scope in its deployment.

Additionally, a tally light and stereo audio functionality are integrated into the miniature unit — an upgrade from other offerings on the market which generally lack a tally light and maintain only mono audio capture, according to PROTON. This again extends the way in which the PROTON CAM can be used, making it ideal not only for spontaneous action capture, but also directed productions where there is a need for synchronised audio capture and consideration of camera status.

Marko Hoepken, CEO for PROTON, said: “Whilst collectively the PROTON team have attended so many NAB shows over the years as members of various organisations, there is always something very special about attending for the first time as a new company.

“Crucial to the core proposition of PROTON as a company is our ability to maintain 100% ownership over our research and design process, meaning that we guarantee full control over the innovation and quality standards of our product.

“Whilst the tiny size of the PROTON is of course a key USP, it was crucial to us that this is not a gimmick that came at the expense of other deliverables. The exceptional image quality and technical specifications embodied within the PROTON are what will set it apart from the market, and we look forward to demonstrating this at NAB 2024”.To find out more, visit booth C3452 at the NAB 2024, which is taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Centre from April 13-17.

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