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Chyron partners with NBC Sports launch innovative graphics solution

Chyron has announced the successful launch of its PRIME Platform as the new, state-of-the-art graphics system for NBC Sports at its Stamford, Connecticut headquarters. 

According to Chyron, the project represents a collaboration that has produced a superior graphics design and playout solution especially tailored to the high demands of top-tier live sports broadcasts.

NBC Sports, like many sports broadcasters, was using Chyron’s legacy graphics offering, Lyric, known for its rapid recall and playout capabilities. 

David Melfi, Director of Graphics Integration, NBC Sports & Olympic, said, “With a switch to PRIME, we were able to refine and modernise our workflow without compromising the design, playback speed and functionality that our designers and operators were accustomed to with Lyric. 

“As NBC Sports began outlining key requirements with the Chyron product team, the collaboration led to much more robust feature sets. Working to understand the requirements from every angle, the Chyron product team rose to the challenge and also brought new ideas to the table.”

Key requirements included operator access focused solely on playout with limited design-editing capabilities, speed and efficiency for preparation and playout, and new possibilities for stunning graphics to support storytelling.

At the core of the project was the requirement to keep the entire workflow of NBC Sports graphics playout operators within the graphics playout interface, with no access to the PRIME designer interface, thus protecting brand integrity and simplifying operator training. 

The challenge was to empower the playout operators with access to certain design features, such as font size, object positioning, displaying specific columns or rows, and the management of data display, all within the playout interface.

These requirements were addressed primarily with Custom Control Panels, customisable by graphics design managers who can choose which objects in a scene may be modified and which parameters, such as size or position, of those objects may be altered. Controls for these specific modifications appear in the playout interface. 

Another feature developed specifically for NBC Sports is Multiple Message Folder Support, especially useful for events that involve multiple sports. Graphics decision-makers can implement scalable design and logic once for easy expansion to many different sports with the addition of sport-specific assets.

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