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Cinegy enables Tyrell to offer bespoke cloud solutions to meet your needs

Tyrell, a leading solutions company in the UK and Ireland, has introduced Tyrell Cloud, a bespoke, secure cloud service developed specifically for the needs of the media industry. 

Central to the solution is Cinegy Air, a real-time broadcast automation and server application. Like all Cinegy solutions it is entirely implemented in virtualised software and provides fully automated playout in any resolution up to Ultra HD (UHD) and 8k, with the option to take manual control as and when operations demand.  

Cinegy Air is designed to take advantage of cloud hosting, including efficient hardware utilisation, instant deployment of additional channels and functionality, and inexpensive high-availability clustering. The system is intuitive to establish and run, and the first installation includes the integrated Cinegy Multiviewer. 

Cinegy Air can be deployed as part of the Tyrell Cloud Capture service, where video streams are presented from Cinegy Air in SRT format to Tyrell Cloud Capture to be ingested for editing. Cinegy Multiviewer provides a visual tally on the streams whilst Tyrell Cloud Capture allows users to manage incoming streams, benefit from visual telemetry about the streams and direct them to other services within Tyrell Cloud. 

Daniella Weigner, Managing Director of Cinegy, said, “This is a great example of how we can work with a strong partner to create a rich solution that meets very specific needs.

“It really shows the benefits of well-conceived software solutions — our software and the Tyrell Cloud are both designed to be easy to integrate, to create precisely tailored systems which accurately meet the user’s needs.”

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