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Clear-Com captures Africa’s magnificent animal migration

With only one DX210 Digital Wireless Intercom system from Clear-Com, Kenya-based CATS Ltd was able to embark on a mission to capture the amazing sound and magnificence of millions of wild animals migrating from Tanzania’s Serengeti to Kenya’s Maasai Mara over five days and share it on social media platforms.

The CATS Ltd project required seamless communication between two tour vehicles, each outfitted with three cameras, a vision mix, audio mix and streaming equipment, powered by onboard inverters and solar generators. The DX210 main station was in the first vehicle, with the antennas being oriented outside the vehicle.

A Clear-Com BP210 2-channel 2.4GHz Wireless Beltpack was deployed in the second vehicle. In the open plains, DX210 delivered exceptional sound clarity and interference-free communication so that the production team could achieve 100 to 150 metres of wireless intercom range in the plains.

The strongest signal was selected from the two different antennae of DX210, transmitted and received at two different times, on two different frequencies. The vertical and horizontal diversity antenna system is specially designed to prevent dropouts and provide the strongest audio signal possible.

The DX210 enables up to four synchronised co-located base stations to be used together for a total of 44 user devices with up to 16 in hands-free, full-duplex mode. Wired intercom input/output interfaces make it compatible with existing 2-wire partyline or 4-wire matrix systems by Clear-Com or RTS intercom systems.  

The BP210 is lightweight and compact, and offers up to 20 hours of beltpack operation, making it the perfect resource for the project.

CATS Ltd teamed up with video sharing social networking platforms, Tik Tok and Douyin, and wildlife photographer, Jeffrey Wu, for this magnificent project. 

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