Clear-Com FreeSpeak II creates Pangdemonium in Singapore

Singapore theatre company deploys Clear-Com’s wireless intercom system

Performing at the Singapore Drama Centre Theatre, the Pangdemonuim theatre company needed to ensure accurate and timely communication during live theatrical performances throughout the entire theatrical complex, from back of house to front of house.

To that end, the company rented a Clear-Com FreeSpeak II wireless intercom system, which consists of eight wireless beltpacks, eight wired beltpacks and a base station.

Adrian Pang, founder and co-artistic director of Pangemonuim, explained: “Communication at the Singapore Drama Centre was seamless. The intercom system was crystal clear, even with a full house of people with wireless devices. The Clear-Com FreeSpeak II definitely delivered.”

The FreeSpeak II system allowed Pangdemonium to wirelessly and quickly pair its beltpacks to the base station and create isolated groups to keep communications as efficient as possible.
Tracie Pang, founder and co-artistic director of Pangemonuim, continued: “On our production of Fun Home, we had multiple moving wagons requiring coordination of the stage crew with cues coming from front of house.

“We were able to create ‘groups’ so the stage crew could communicate with each other and solve issues in real time, without interrupting the stage manager’s cue-calling flow. It’s excellent that we had coverage in all areas of the theatre, from backstage to dressing rooms, the control booth and the spotter’s gallery.”

FreeSpeak II operates in multiple worldwide, licence-free frequency bands: 1.897-1.933GHz and 2.4GHz. Designed for extensive communication in large-scale operations, FreeSpeak II’s ability to maintain a strong and continuous wireless connection across an expansive coverage area, providing crystal-clear digital audio, makes it the ideal wireless roaming intercom solution, according to Clear-Com.

Tracie Pang concluded: “The best thing is that the belt packs are easy to use and quick to pair with the base station, and the 18-hour standby time is great.

“We had crystal clear audio and could connect the FreeSpeak II system to the venue’s existing Clear-Com two-wire partyline intercom with no issues.”


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