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Clear-Com rolling out Arcadia System upgrade at IBC 2023

Clear-Com, a front-runner in communication systems, unveiled its latest software update for the Arcadia system at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2023. The update significantly enhances the capabilities of the renowned central communication station, showcasing a blend of innovation and evolution in wireless and wired intercom technology.

Simon Brown, Vice-President of Product Management at Clear-Com, explained the advancements during an interview with Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+. “Well, for the first time, we’re showing new software on our Arcadia system, which is our one rack unit central station that provides communication for Wireless Intercom, wired intercom, both digital and analog with a browser-based setup,” said Brown. He emphasized the system’s suitability as a versatile and user-friendly drop-down system.

A notable addition to the Arcadia system is its connectivity to LQ, Clear-Com’s IP audio interfaces. This not only boosts its integration capabilities but also allows it to link with other Arcadia units and the Eclipse system.

When probed about the distinctive features of the system, Brown outlined the unit’s unique selling points. “It’s the first time something as small as a one rack unit that can support readers and so forth can do so much wired and wireless, and HelixNet Digital Partyline connectivity in a single box,” he shared. Furthermore, the ease of setup, full digitization, and all IP capabilities make the Arcadia system an unmatched powerful intercom solution in the market.

Regarding the novelty of the system, Brown clarified, “It’s a bit of both.” The Arcadia system isn’t entirely new. However, the latest software update injects more dynamism into it, amplifying its capacity. “New software operating software giving you a higher capacity that can have up to 64 wireless belt packs, 32 transceivers, and a total of 285 ports with about 168 IP ports,” detailed Brown. This version, although in the market for approximately 1.5 to 2 years, surpasses its predecessors with its elevated capabilities.

With the rapid progression of broadcast and communication technologies, the Arcadia system’s timely upgrades underscore Clear-Com’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve. The advancements showcased at IBC 2023 further cements the company’s position as a trailblazer in crafting top-notch communication systems for the modern era.

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