Cloud-based at-home production will be key in 2021, says Grass Valley

The new normal in 2021 will be one where cloud-based at-home remote production continues to be significant, and an area where Grass Valley will be committing considerable resources on.

“The reality of at-home remote production is significant. More than ever, broadcasters and content producers need to ensure that they can keep viewers connected and informed – no matter where their teams are working,” said Greg de Bressac, Grass Valley’s Vice President Sales & Customer Success, APAC, in an interview with APB+.

de Bressac said Grass Valley can help broadcasters navigate travel restrictions and reduce their staffing numbers through its cloud software-as-a-service agile media processing platform (GV AMPP). The platform enables production teams to flexibly create customisable workflows, with a variety of apps such as multiviewers, router panels, test signal generators, switchers, graphics renderers, clip players and recorders – all of which can be quickly deployed to support a wide range of workflows.

The new face of live sports production has seen the benefits of cloud-based production solutions come to fore during the pandemic, said de Bressac. “The industry has seen the need for highly nimble operations across the board; a cloud-native or microservices-based approach enables companies to take the next leap in evolution.

“We believe this will happen faster than anticipated in 2021 as our customers see the value of hyper scalability and pay-as-you-go models.”

To cope with the pandemic, Grass Valley’s manufacturing facilities are located in areas free of major restrictions – and changes have been made in the supply chain to source materials from local markets.

Business continuity plans are also in place to mitigate the impact of any service and delivery disruption. “Working smarter is also something all broadcasters are looking to do, so enabling workflows that free up staff to focus on higher-impact creative tasks are key,” said de Bressac.

“In the Asia-Pacific, we are committed to delivering to a cloud-based future by growing our GV AMPP customer and managed service provider base, and growing market share around our 4K single stream IP solutions in live production.”


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