Cloud-based project management software a crucial partner to control costs & invoices for work completed

By Stephen Elliott, CEO of farmerswife

The demand for cloud computing solutions is increasing rapidly with more business of all sizes, geographies, and industries turning to cloud services. To increase their operation, businesses are looking for cost-effective measures that do not affect functionality or performance, making cloud computing an ideal solution. Indeed, cloud solutions are becoming more accessible and flexible, making them easier to adopt. With all these changes, it is likely that a cloud-first approach is going to become the new standard to manage projects intelligently for businesses everywhere, especially in Asia-Pacific countries.

Cloud computing is the use of hardware and software delivered via network. The term comes from the use of cloud-shaped symbols that represent abstraction of rather complex infrastructure that enables the work of software, hardware, computation, and remote services. 

Thus, the rise in hybrid and remote working environments have increased the focus on cloud solutions as they enable people to work from anywhere without losing access to critical business applications.

Organisations need to establish efficient collaboration across teams and employees, and employees need to get used to new ways to collaborate and communicate. Large companies with distributed workforce in multiple countries use farmerswife and Cirkus for scheduling globally distributed teams and remote collaboration. 

farmerswife is a resource scheduling, project management and team collaboration software for media and entertainment, and Cirkus is its SaaS task and project management solution, designed to address the specific project needs of media organisations.

The cloud-based Cirkus is available as both an integration for farmerswife or as a standalone product. 

Cirkus offers all the project time management and task management features that you would expect. These include due dates, reminders, assignees, comments, recurring tasks and file attachments, as well as advanced features such as project templates, custom fields, and task triggers that support complex and repetitive workflows.

farmerswife, our complete scheduling software, offers projects and financial reports that can be synced to projects and tasks in Cirkus. By having both tools collaborating, you will have a full picture to control costs and invoice for the work completed. 

Cloud-based project management software can play a crucial role in these circumstances. These tools can be easily deployed globally for hybrid or remote workforces, allowing them to stay on top of their tasks and projects seamlessly.

farmerswife and Cirkus can capture all the relevant data that needs to be tracked, verified, and used by project managers to make more informed decisions in real time, irrespective of shift timings and locations. 

The Media Bunker, a media production company and user of Cirkus, said, “Before we used Cirkus we collaborated on our projects, with our main ops manager using Google docs to manage projects.

“Digital production is a flexible, multi-skilled, 24/7 business. As our team works in different locations at different times, we needed a solution that allows us to communicate simply and effectively.” 

What are the top benefits of moving to a cloud-hosted software? 

There are numerous benefits of cloud-based software, especially if your company manages a remote work team. A cloud-based software solution helps increase productivity, improve accessibility, and boost data safety and security. 

As a bonus, cloud services are simple to implement and offers benefits such as:

● Quick deployment: The ability to update the new cloud computing in a few minutes has reshaped the agility and speed of software development. 

● Cost reduction and effectiveness: If you decide to use cloud-based infrastructure, you will save huge amounts of money on purchasing and maintaining equipment.

 ● Data security: One of the major concerns of every business is the security of its data; cloud-based software offers many advanced security features that guarantee that data is securely stored and handled. 

Adopting a cloud-based system can provide a high level of security. Digitised business information and documents are at risk of cyberattacks, making improved data security necessary for any business. A cloud host can help monitor private documents and ensure security for confidential files and private documents. 

● Back-up and restore data: The fact that data can be stored in the cloud without constraints also helps with backup and restore purposes. As end-user data changes over time and needs to be tracked for regulations or compliance reasons, older software versions can be stored for later stages, in cases they are needed for recovery or rollback. If your computer system crashes, you can rest assured your business’s data is securely backed up, thanks to your cloud-based software. 

● Collaboration: Cloud environments enable better collaboration across teams. Cloud roles and permissions help with better visibility and monitoring on who did what and when, to avoid conflicts and confusion. 

To find out more, join farmerswife at BroadcastAsia 2023 from June 7-9 in Singapore. At booth 6H3-05, we will be showcasing the latest version 7.0 of the farmerswife scheduling, management and reporting tool that delivers significant improvements for its users, as well as Cirkus, which has been enhanced to provide media organisations with even greater resources for teams. 

For a free demo, contact us at sales@farmerswife.com or through this form https://farmerswife.com/contact-us.

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