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Cobalt Digital builds new encoder for openGear platform

Equipped with 12G/6G-SDI and quad 3G/HD-SDI inputs, the 9992-ENC-4K-HEVC encoder is capable of managing both 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) and HD baseband video processing via HEVC/H.265 compression technology

Cobalt Digital has unveiled the 9992-ENC series of HEVC/H.265- and MPEG-5-ready encoders for the openGear platform. Featuring 3G-SDI and 12G-SDI inputs, the new 9992-ENC-4K-HEVC encoder is able to manage a full 3840×2160 signal at up to 60fps, and encode the signal to HEVC/H.265 for output over IP and/or DVB-ASI.

The DVB-ASI support enables the new encoder to stream IP protocols, including Forward Error Correction (FEC) and Automatic Repeat ReQuest (ARQ) protection schemes. Each encoding path manages up to 16 channels of embedded audio, and supports audio codecs, including MPEG-1 Layer II, AAC, Dolby 2.0 and 5.1 AC-3, as well as pass-through of pre-encoded Dolby.

As a member of Cobalt’s 9992-ENC series, the 9992-ENC-4K-HEVC encoder is built with the same compression hardware and software design expertise that created the company’s line of FPGA-accelerated production and broadcast baseband SDI products.

For instance, the encoder is capable of supporting users’ choice of upgrade paths that include adding encoder channels, and advanced video processing features such as up/down/cross-conversion.

Bob McAlpine, CEO of Cobalt Digital, concluded: “The low-latency performance of our new HEVC/H.265 encoders makes them ideal for electronic newsgathering (ENG) and remote studio contribution. With their advanced processing and next-gen compression capabilities, these new encoders are what the industry has been waiting for.”


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