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Cobalt Digital is Presenting a Feature-Rich, Ultra High-Density Portfolio of Compact Problem Solvers at Broadcast Asia 2023 on Stand 6B1-05

Brand new routers, converters, RIST, cloud and redundancy solutions share the spotlight

Cobalt Digital, Inc. is presenting a portfolio of problem solvers to visitors at Broadcast Asia 2023 on Stand 6B1-05 – including a sneak peek at a new router. The designer and manufacturer of award-winning edge devices for live video production and master control, and a founding partner in the openGear® initiative, is centering its exhibition around feature-rich, compact solutions that target trends driving an industry in transition such as high density, RIST Adaptive Encoding, video content transport and operation in the cloud. 


WAVE RTR-64×64 Router

Be the first to get a sneak peek at Cobalt’s WAVE RTR-64×64 Router featuring a 64×64 crosspoint with support for signals up to 12G-SDI, all packed into a 4U frame. This router offers high-density with unprecedented flexibility, ease-of-use, and integration. The frame includes an Ethernet port for IP-based controls such as Cobalt’s Reflex, PESA PNET and General Remote protocol SW-P-08. The unit also incorporates RS-422 & RS-232 9-pin serial communication ports. Web-based controls allow full setup, salvos, monitoring, and preset management. This compact design is specifically optimized for 12G SDI operation but handles lower SDI rates with ease, as well as ASI and MADI.

Sapphire Converter Series

Cobalt‘s newly launched Sapphire converter family includes

  • Sapphire BIDI-2H2S – dual channel bidirectional HDMI to SDI / SDI to HDMI converter that conserves space in existing openGear® installations.
  • Sapphire 8JXS-8S – ST 2110 JPEG-XS to SDI bulk gateway in openGear form factor that allows up to 40 signal conversions in a standard openGear chassis.
  • Sapphire BBG-2110-H/S & Sapphire BBG-2110-2H – mini converters intended to be mounted behind the monitor including single or dual 25Gb/s ports for redundancy.  

The Sapphire 8JXS-8S, Sapphire BBG-2110-H/S & Sapphire BBG-2110-2H will be available for shipping in Summer 2023.

9992 ENC/DEC Family Gets RIST Adaptive Encoding 

Cobalt’s software-defined family of 9992-ENC/DEC encoders/decoders offer the perfect solution for sports, news gathering, video contribution and affiliate distribution. The series now offers RIST Source Adaptation (VSF TR-06-4 Part 1), that defines a protocol for the stream receiver to provide feedback information to the source triggering an appropriate action. RIST Source Adaptation enables the 9992-ENC encoder to adapt its output data rate to match network conditions instantaneously based on feedback from the decoder and restores automatically as the network recovers.  

SafeLink 8TS-VM – SafeLink Gateway in the Cloud 

Cobalt’s SafeLink Gateway, transporter of audio and video content over the internet with low latency, is now available as a cloud instance in addition to the openGear form factor. It is ideal for ground-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground transmission using RIST.  

SafeLink Hardware Redundancy

A 1+1 redundancy for the hardware based SafeLink Gateway is also now available.  

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