Code of Conduct

Media Maven

[Maven.  Noun.  A trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass timely and relevant knowledge on to others in the respective field.]

The Maven Code of Conduct

  1. A maven is always mindful of sharing knowledge or viewpoints in a courteous and respectful manner. No personal attacks or allegations of bad faith against a fellow contributor.
  2. Every maven is entitled to his or her own opinion as long as it is relevant to the topic under discussion and no promotion of own or affiliated businesses.
  3. If you are being paid for writing your comment or have any connection, personal or business, with a company being discussed, please disclose this by adding a declaration to your comment.

The Right to Review

This being a media professional forum open to the public, Editec International reserves the right to review all contributions or comments submitted by mavens or site visitors before posting — and the right to edit or not publish any comments deemed offensive or unsuitable.


If you like to be a maven and need further information or clarification, please send an email to

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