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Combat audience churn ‘Qligient-ly’

Qligient, an architect in analytics solutions, will be showcasing its award-winning solution, Vision Analytics platform at IBC 2019. Harnessing the power of data mining, machine learning and predictive analysis, the platform can identify issues of low user engagement, silent sufferers and audience churn in IPTV programmes and show on OTT.

The software samples various video content and aggregates data from a variety of systems and components throughout the ecosystem to understand and correlate the factors that contribute to higher engagement.

With a reliable data set, users can develop a host of analysis results, visualisations, and automated reports to suit unique business needs. Its engines leverage on scalable cloud processes to manage several static, dynamic or event-based datasets to help broadcasters, MVPDs and OTT service providers quickly address issues and take corrective and preventative action.

“Vision Analytics not only monitors network performance in real-time but leverages machine learning and other data science technologies to predict conditions that, left unchecked, could sour viewers and affecting the media brand,” said Ted Korte, CTO, Qligent.

“Users will know which events cause viewers to become disengaged, and how to keep track of subscribers by merging QoE with Qligent’s true end-to-end technology.

“This gives service providers a powerful prevention-oriented toolset, as well as cloud-based quality assurance across every distribution network out to each viewer’s home and mobile device.”

“Vision Analytics puts the power back in the hands of our customers, and helps them prevent problems from happening at the first signs of trouble.”

Qligent will showcase Vision Analytics at a special stand (14.C19) from September 13-17 at the RAI Exhibition and Conference Centre; Qligent will also retain its usual location at Stand 8.E47.


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