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CommScope redefines in-home entertainment with mobile tech and smart devices

Smart Home is no longer a far-fetched concept. CommScope is offering innovative, connected home solutions for broadband and pay-TV service providers – to meet customers’ demands for always-available high-speed broadband, whole-home Wi-Fi, and video content.

As mobile standards and technologies – DOCSIS 4.0, 6GHz spectrum and Wi-Fi 6 – converge, the trio has ushered in a new era of home networks and entertainment.

CommScope stands poised to equip service providers with next-generation technologies to improve user experience and increase service capability. The advancement in Wi-Fi 6 and the introduction of new spectrum 6GHz, broadband speed can boost performance up to 4x … and they are accelerating the huge performance gains of in-house entertainment such as VR/AR applications. Moreover, very importantly, the increased spectrum minimises dead spots at home while providing a superior wireless user experience.

Furthermore, wireless connectivity requires lower latency to support time-sensitive applications such as ultimate gaming and VR/AR immersion. It also needs secure deterministic connectivity to provide the platform for new home services that drive new business opportunities and new levels of engagement with subscribers.

A Smart Home would not be complete without Smart Media Devices (SMD) that can combine the functionality of the most important gadgets in the connected home to create a single touch-point for consumers’ digital lives – for instance, the set-up of an all-in-one control from smart speaker, visual smart assistant, Internet-of-Things (IoT) hub, voice and video conference, and remote control. This combination allows the device to offer a more personalised, connected and convenient way to enjoy all the media, services and applications in the digital home.

Describing the benefits of SMD, Charles Cheevers, Chief Technology Officer of CommScope, said that by becoming a ‘super aggregator’, service providers (SPs) can increase ARPU by offering differentiated services that consumers are willing to pay for such as e-health, education, home security, utilities management, entertainment management and productivity tools.

Just as the smartphone is becoming a device that people cannot live without, Cheevers said that SMD products – with their high-quality audio experience, together with the additional services they empower SPs to create – “are set to transform the traditional set-top into a much-loved device”.

5G to home and within the home will grow in adoption and lead to the emergence of new-generation internal 5G repeaters or 5G femtocells which can overcome and eliminate concerns over congested broadband networks when a full set of smart controls are being used. In addition, FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) solutions for 5G NR (New Radio) across the sub-6GHz and millimetre wavebands will also increase in popularity. There will be more innovation around the ability to self-install FWA equipment on windows to allow rapid overlay of FWA services in MDU (multi-dwelling unit) and dense population areas.

“The confluence of technologies such as DOCSIS 4.0, 6GHz spectrum and Wi-Fi 6 are pushing a range of new services in the realm of reality to be realised. Whether it’s 10Gbps access speeds, more pervasive and powerful home networks, or visual assistants, a range of exciting trends are emerging to improve the customer experience and drive new levels of service capability for Internet service providers,” said Cheevers.

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