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Compassx and Skyline complete Miller’s BroadcastAsia2018 showcase

Miller Camera Support will be demonstrating its Skyline and Compassx series (CX) fluid heads at BroadcastAsia2018.

Available in five models — CX2, CX6, CX8, CX10 and CX18 — the CX fluid heads incorporate Miller’s CB Plus technology, which offers 16 positions of counterbalance for rapid adjustment. Designed to support a wide payload range, the CX series also features a side-loading base plate that enables “fast and easy” mounting and alighting of camera rigs.

For instance, the CX2 and CX6 feature a payload range of 0-8kg and 0-12kg respectively, and 3+0 pan-and-tilt drag positions with a 75mm ball levelling mounting base for lighter rigs where portability is crucial. Where more fluid drag is required, the CX8 and CX10 both support 5+0 drag positions, a 0-12kg payload range and a 75mm and 100mm ball levelling mounting base. As for the CX18, it features a 0-16kg payload support, 5+0 positions pan-and-tilt of drag and 100mm ball levelling mounting base.

Also on display at booth 4K2-05 is Miller’s Skyline 90 and Skyline 70 fluid heads. Both fluid heads are designed to meet the challenging demand of outside broadcast (OB) environments. The Skyline 90 supports payloads of up to 75kg, while the Skyline 70 is equipped with pan-tilt fluid actions to match camera payloads up to 37.5kg.


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