Conax's Hans Kwaaitaal: “The market holds significant opportunity for rapid expansion within IPTV."

Conax and ZTE enter global IPTV reseller agreement

Content protection developer Conax recently entered a reseller agreement with ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions.

A key aspect of the partnership is bundling Conax’s Connected Access next-generation IPTV security client with ZTE’s complete offering targeting the global IPTV market.

Conax said the reseller agreement strengthens the company’s IPTV expansion plans with the first joint operator deployments under preparation.

The Conax Connected Access multi-purpose security client provides ZTE’s operator offering with comprehensive content protection for IPTV and over-the-top (OTT), enabling ZTE to position for new markets. This flexible architecture also supplies converged security with conditional access and digital rights management, providing a single security client for all operator content to the connected set-top box.

Conax Connected Access also utilises an advanced hybrid approach, eliminating the need for multiple backends.

“Adoption of ZTE’s IPTV ecosystem will provide operators with a best-in-class, rapid deployment of a complete, secure IPTV platform targeting content-savvy consumers in expanding markets,” said Fang Hui, vice-president, ZTE Corporation.

“As we aim to tap the broad opportunities forecasted in the coming years for the IPTV market, ZTE sees strong synergies in partnering with Conax to provide their leading security technology for our global IPTV offering. Conax’ security reputation, reliability and extensive experience in additional segments provide interesting opportunities for harnessing future growth.”

“The market holds significant opportunity for rapid expansion within IPTV; thus, we are very pleased to introduce the new offering to the global arena,” Hans Kwaaitaal, SVP APAC & Strategic Partner Management for Conax, added.

“ZTE’s global strength as one of the premier providers of complete IPTV ecosystems and systems integration brings a range of value-adding operator benefits to telcos and operators through tried-and-tested complete platforms, highly reputable products and local expertise and support. With an exciting customer pipeline under way, Conax aims to further strengthen expansion plans within the global IPTV arena, and support ZTE with security expertise for its comprehensive, world-class IPTV ecosystem.


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