Consumers demanding multi-platform content discovery guide

When shepherds fight, the wolf has a winning game. And as Disney, Apple, Warner Media and Netflix start challenging one another, consumers are benefiting from the array of choices before them. As a result, TiVo found that multi-service usage continues to increase by 14% year-on-year from 2018.

According to the Video Trends Report published by TiVo, with consumers struggling to navigate through the rocks and shoals in the ever-rising content ocean, this may open the doors for more innovative technology nodes. Indeed, nearly one-quarter of consumers demanded a new guide format and more than half wanted a multi-platform search facility.

Other key findings include signs of slowing in cord-cutting, as more than 80% of the respondents in the research are still subscribing to cable/satellite service in the US. The report found that only 12.2% of consumers plan to cut the cord in the next six months, down from 18.8% in 2018. This is again beset by content fatigue over different content delivery platforms.

Surprisingly, 65.8% of respondents watched an hour or more live TV, while OTT accounts for close to 52.4%. This is largely driven by 41.5% of respondents who tapped on the platforms to consume live sports content.

The report concludes that consumers are not looking for cutting-edge technologies but innovations that can complement current solutions and reduce content chaos with better user-friendly experience in discovering content.


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