Creating video libraries for on-demand viewing

Over-the-top (OTT) innovator Insys Video Technologies is debuting its all-new Insys Cloud Video Recorder at IBC2019. The cloud-based video recorder is designed to enable customers to record and store live video streams; analyse and catalogue the recordings, as well as playout the content whenever and wherever viewers want.

 Leveraging the enterprise-class OTT video platform, the flexible Insys Cloud Video Recorder is well suited to any live-stream archiving needs; it is also suitable for live streaming content such as Parliamentary Assembly meetings, conference sessions and university lectures.


Live streams and recordings can be viewed online through an embeddable player, while on-demand clips can be downloaded in a wide variety of output formats. This therefore allows the content provider to offer their video libraries for on-demand viewing.


Other key features include advanced scheduling of recordings and automated audio transcription, which is powered by its API and Amazon Transcribe automatic speech recognition service.


Insys’s API can also be integrated with Amazon Rekognition Video, a deep learning-powered video analysis service that detects activities, understands the movement of people in the frame, and recognises people, objects, celebrities while flagging inappropriate content.


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