Pebble Beach Systems automates playout for SHAMAS

Equipped with the capability to play out 30 channels, Pebble Beach Systems’ automation system installed at SHAMAS has already taken 15 channels to air

Saudi Media City (SHAMAS) has installed Pebble Beach Systems’ automation system in its broadcasting centre within its new headquarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. As the service provider for commercial channels broadcasting to the Middle East, SHAMAS required its broadcast and playout facilities to be designed to accommodate the needs of multiple organisations. Besides the ability to manage a large number of channels, the system has to also securely isolate content for each user to prevent access by any unauthorised operator.

The Pebble automation system installed at SHAMAS is equipped with the capability to play out 30 channels, of which 15 channels have successfully been taken to air.  SHAMAS assigned Egyptian systems integrator (SI) Systems Design to manage the installation of the automation system.

Ramy Gamal, general manager at Systems Design, explained: “Pebble’s technology enables SHAMAS to provide a secure and easy-to-use service. Training was very straightforward, and the Pebble team has been responsive throughout the process.”

The Pebble automation system controls video servers, routers, a branding processor from Grass Valley, as well as the TitleOne graphic system from Imagine Communications. Both VTR (video tape recorder) and file-based ingest are supported, and the system offers an automated QC workflow and content management.

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