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CT’s SNP/KAIROS solution a major step in ST 2110 IP production

As part of its plan to transition towards full SMPTE ST2110 IP production, systems integrator Creative Technology (CT) has put together a combination of Imagine Communications’ Selenio Network Processor (SNP) and Panasonic’s KAIROS IP video production platform.

According to CT, this combination has provided an uninterrupted transition from SDI to IP for its production teams and offers a superior, consistent experience for its global clients. The company has already put the next-generation production solution to work at major international sports projects this year.

Complementing KAIROS, the widely deployed SNP provides a high-density SDI on- and off-ramp for the next-gen IP live video production platform. In conjunction with KAIROS, the SNP can provide conversion for large numbers of SDI sources, and multiplex them onto a single fibre connection. This has eliminated the need for an external commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) switch and simplified the architecture at CT.

“One of our primary considerations in planning a transition to ST 2110 was the comfort level of our broadcast engineers and project managers who are unfamiliar with IP, but the combination of SNP and KAIROS dispelled that apprehension immediately,” said Sid Lobb, Head of Vision & Integrated Networks at CT.

“You plug a single cable between the two devices and it just works. That simplicity was a big, big part of our decision ― it is a great combo.”

Panasonic KAIROS enables CT to manage extremely complex productions and deliver them to multiple screen sizes, resolutions and aspect ratios. Imagine’s SNP provides the practical connectivity and control needed to integrate KAIROS, as well as the required outboard ST 2110 processing, gateways, audio signal management and Precision Time Protocol (PTP) versatility. 

Lobb added, “One of our company goals is to help democratise the adoption of ST 2110 technology in the live events world, and the SNP/KAIROS solution is a major step forward in this effort.

“We’ve been able to easily train our own team and freelancers and achieve technical consistency that’s repeatable for our clients at events around the world.”

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