CyanView-Panasonic alliance saves $$$ & time

The lack of true multi-cam control solutions makes the sub-$10K cinema cameras difficult to use. CyanView has collaborated with Panasonic to solve the problem by a 3.0 firmware upgrade that supports a USB-LAN adapter, thereby allowing IP control. This enabled the EVA-LIVE multi-cam control to integrate with CyanView’s Cy-RCP remote control panel.

David Bourgeois, founder and CEO of CyanView, said: “Compact digital cinema cameras have seen an increased demand for multi-camera live or near-live production. The sub-$10K range of cameras is ideal for shows such as concerts — but so far, the lack of true multi-cam control solutions such as the ones provided for broadcast system cameras makes them difficult to use.

“Having the ability to remotely paint and match cameras allows a dedicated vision engineer to significantly enhance the quality of the final mix, and removes the need for post production.

“The benefits of near-live production compared with post production are multiple — removing days or weeks of post production is a huge cost-saving advantage.

“Having the mix available for streaming live or ready to insert in the evening news programmes is also a game-changer with today’s need for immediacy.”

Luc Bara, cinema product manager, Panasonic System Communications Company Europe, said: “We’re seeing increasing demand for the EVA1 in multi-camera live shooting situations because of its great cinema look, high dynamic range (HDR) and affordable 4K internal recording.

“Because of the flexibility and richness of its protocol, the EVA1 allowed a very advanced integration with CyanView’s Cy-RCP, and now represents a very cost-effective solution for live shooting with full control of several cameras from a single Cy-RCP, with zero delay when switching.”

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