DAMsmart to start offering digital preservation services in Asia

DAMsmart Asia, Silver Trak Digital and TransMedia Dynamics (TMD) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to launch a Digital Media Supply Chain Centre of Excellence in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The new Digital Media Supply Chain Centre of Excellence is part of Silver Trak Digital’s expansion in Malaysia and beyond as well as serving as a hub that offers a full range of digital media services to government, media and entertainment clients throughout the region.

The centre will also look at high-capacity digitisation and preservation services for any form of aging audio and video tapes.

The facility offers content aggregation, language, quality assurance and checking for digital video and film, electronic content distribution, DCI mastering, duplication and distribution services integrated with full media asset management using TMD’s Mediaflex UMS system

“DAMsmart is the leading specialist in archive digitisation and management services provider in Australia. With the backing of our parent Silver Trak Digital, we launched DAMsmart Asia and this new facility in Kuala Lumpur,” says Joe Kelly, DAMsmart Asia’s CEO.

“It’s clear that all forms of media archives are now at risk of permanent loss within the next few years if urgent action is not taken to convert the physical holdings of videotapes, audiotapes and film into data, due primarily to technology obsolescence and media degradation.

“With this new facility, our expertise in these areas are now available to government agencies and private sector organisations in Malaysia as well as other countries throughout the region,” adds Kelly.

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