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Dejero Highlights 5G and 4K Advancements at IBC Show 2023

At the renowned IBC Show 2023, Dejero, an industry leader in cloud-managed video transport and mobile internet solutions, has unveiled its latest cutting-edge products, emphasizing the enhanced capabilities of its mobile units and the newly introduced EnGo 3s, which boasts smart blending technology and 5G integration, allowing for pristine 4K video transport.

Speaking to Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+, Jeremy Miller, Global Director of Technical Account Management for Dejero, shed light on the company’s participation. “We’ve had a really good quality of customers coming through showing off some of our new capabilities,” he shared, particularly highlighting the versatile functions of Dejero’s mobile units which range from internet provision to video transport.

Miller’s enthusiasm was palpable as he detailed the EnGo 3s, Dejero’s 4K edition to its 5G product range. “The EnGo 3s is that 4k version of our 5G product in the EnGo 3 series,” he noted. This series also includes the EnGo 3x, a multi-camera unit, and the EnGo 3, the baseline model for the 5G product line.

When asked about what sets the products apart, Miller emphasized the importance of quality and design. “The great thing about those is the quality of the RF to really allow us to harness the capabilities of 5G,” he explained. Rather than relying solely on more modems, Dejero has intricately designed the RF in its products to optimize and fully utilize the bandwidth available. This ensures that users receive not just regular internet connectivity, but also an enhanced experience, fulfilling their varied needs no matter where they might be.

The ongoing pandemic has underlined the value of consistent and high-quality internet connectivity. Miller touched upon this, stating, “As we all know, and I think we all learned during the pandemic, the value of a good internet connection really is something now.” He elaborated on the significance of Dejero’s solutions in today’s context, where a reliable internet connection has become a lifeline for many, both professionally and personally.

The IBC Show proved to be a productive platform for Dejero, with Miller confirming they reached their target clientele. “Absolutely. It’s been a great show for that. We get customers coming in from all walks of life,” he said. From public safety representatives discussing video and internet solutions to broadcast professionals focusing on remote and live productions, Dejero’s booth witnessed a diverse clientele, reflecting the versatility and relevance of their products in today’s tech-savvy world.

As the conversation concluded, Miller’s parting words underscored Dejero’s commitment to ensuring its users are always connected. With the innovations introduced at IBC 2023, it’s clear that Dejero is determined to remain at the forefront of the ever-evolving world of mobile technology and communication.

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