Dejero launches 5G-enabled HEVC mobile transmitter

IBC2019 continues to woo and amaze media operators from all around the world, as Dejero unveiled its EnGo 260 HEVC mobile transmitter in Amsterdam. The new 5G-ready EnGo 260 provides enhanced picture quality, exceptional user experience, and simultaneously act as a versatile mobile transmitter.

Featuring Dejero’s patented Smart Blending Technology, EnGo 260 aggregates multiple network technologies such as cellular and satellite network to create reliable webs of network. The solution is able to dynamically and automatically manage the fluctuating bandwidth, packet loss, and latency differences of individual connections in real time, resulting in the most optimal path to route IP packets to their destinations.

With a collection of innovative features, EnGO 260 delivers exceptional picture quality with extremely low latency, even in challenging network conditions. These include auto-transport of enhanced picture quality, adaptive bitrate encoding, and HEVC.

Even in challenging network conditions, EnGO 260 is fitted with unique content adaptive encoding that adjusts the encoding process based on the amount of motion in the live shot to greatly improve picture sharpness.

Built with aircraft aluminium construction and polycarbonate ABS bumpers, the professional-grade EnGo is designed for durability to withstand on-the-go daily use by news, sports and live production crews.

“We are continuously listening to the feedback and needs of our customers, and this latest iteration of the EnGo combines the traditional functionalities that customers love in addition to new features that will enhance the user experience and efficiency,” said Yvonne Monterroso, director of product management, Dejero.

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