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Delivering real-time sports data simpler, faster & cheaper

Spicy Mango, a media technology consulting and software delivery organisation, has launched Gameday, a solution designed for the management and enhancement of live sports metadata for over-the-top (OTT) streaming platforms and service providers.

Gameday addresses the challenges of managing, maintaining, and delivering real time sports data, offering a standalone out-of-the-box solution that combines the functionality of a rich Content Management System (CMS) with the ability to augment, enhance and manage live sports data.

This, says Spicy Mango, allows sports providers to focus on building incredible user experiences, while standardising and simplifying the downstream delivery of real-time sports data at scale.

Chris Wood, CTO of Spicy Mango, said “Over the years we have seen the providers of sports services battle with the same challenges while burning time and money at an alarming rate. They are either modifying existing CMS solutions to fuse in the data, sometimes building something bespoke, or solving the challenge at the client application – with none of these being the best approach for keeping costs down or for reducing complexity.”

This led to the development of Gameday, which takes the best bits of how a CMS functions and underpins it with sports data to allow providers to control and enhance downstream application development in a much simpler, faster, and cheaper way. 

“Gameday is now a proven product and in use by our clients globally, helping solve integration, management and delivery challenges across the ecosystem,” Wood concluded.

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