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DHD Audio supports Danmon Asia to aid IP networking in Vietnam

To support its strategy of offering local support to existing and global customers around the world, DHD audio has appointed systems integrator Danmon Asia as its exclusive distributor for Vietnam.

A developer and producer of digital audio studio equipment and systems for professional broadcast applications, DHD audio’s product range extends from ultra-compact desktop mixers such as the DX2 and touchscreen-based TX2 to large control room consoles in the RX2 series with up to 96 faders. All DHD mixers share a logical and user-friendly control workflow, which allows production staff to migrate easily from one control room to another within a single workflow style. 

Cores, compact digital processors, form the heart of every DHD system, connecting control surfaces located in multiple studios or post-production suites within a specific site. They also perform input/output routing and interfacing with the outside world. IP audio feeds as well as IP-connected remote device control can be closely integrated. Automated workflows and virtualisation techniques are also supported. 

Bjarne Pedersen, General Director of Danmon Asia, said, “DHD has a global reputation for ease of operation, high signal quality and robust build. The modular structure of its products is particularly appreciated by system integrators, especially those migrating from analogue and SDI-based infrastructure to IP networking. 

“Every DHD mixing has its own LCD display screen showing exactly which functions have been assigned to the adjacent control surface, all easily definable using the DHD Toolbox. Fully scalable to allow changes in workflow or system size, DHD systems are truly futureproof.”

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