Digital Projection utilises Analog Way’s solutions for 8K showcase

Analog Way’s Picturall media servers, VIO 4K/Ultra HD converters and Ascender multi-screen processors were all deployed by DPI for the showcase of the latter’s Insight Laser 8K projector

At last month’s InfoComm 2018 held in the Las Vegas Convention Centre, Analog Way partnered with Digital Projection (DPI) to showcase the latter’s new Insight Laser 8K projector. Attributing to the success of DPI’s showcase was Analog Way’s Picturall media servers, VIO 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) multi-format converters and Ascender 48-4K-PL multi-screen processors. In April this year, DPI also successfully deployed a similar roster of Analog Way’s gear during its demonstration at NAB Show 2018.

Mike Levi, president of DPI, commented: “DPI has demonstrated the Insight Laser 8K with the support of Analog Way at every major Insight 8K presentation in North America to date. Analog Way has provided all of the front-end source switching, image processing and multi-source on-screen windowing to harness the full power of 8K.”

The Laser 8K projector is the latest addition to DPI’s Insight product line. It provides a resolution of 7680×4320 pixels through 25,000 lumens of laser-phosphor illumination.

According to Analog Way’s chief technologist, Andrzej Lubaszka, every screen in DPI’s InfoComm booth was powered by Analog Way’s equipment. In addition, Analog Way provided playback and processing for five projectors in the air, an LED screen on the ground playing back a coordinated show, as well as an LED demonstration area featuring some 3D content.

Chuck Collins, vice-president of sales, DPI, concluded: “With Analog Way’s image processing technology, we were able to show 16 full HD sources or switch to four 4K/UHD sources on one screen. Our combined technologies open the door for a cost-effective solution in multiple markets.”

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