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Disney+ Hotstar debuts first local original animation series

Disney+ Hotstar has emphasised its commitment to bringing the best storytelling from global brands and top Indonesian studios with its first local original animation series, Si Juki Anak Kosan: The Series.

The 13-episode animated series, which premiered exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar Indonesia and was released simultaneously, traces the misadventures of Si Juki, an iconic local comic character who claims to be anti-mainstream.

Together with his offbeat friends, Si Juki navigates everyday life in boarding school. Whether it’s facing hunger at the end of the month when their allowance runs out, dealing with their authoritarian landlady, or trying to save the campus from lethargic zombies, Si Juki always turns to unconventional, and often humorous, ways of solving his problems.

Ahmad Izham Omar, Executive Director of Content & Creative of Disney+ in Southeast Asia, said: “Disney+ Hotstar is not only home to the biggest global hits, but also stories from the top studios and best creators in the country. With a huge following in Indonesia, Si Juki and his antics have become a cultural phenomenon, and we are looking forward to bringing more of his mischief in Si Juki Anak Kosan: The Series. 

“This is one of the many local original entertainment titles available exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar, and we will continue to enrich our content offerings with stories from homegrown filmmakers, creators and studios across a broad range of genres.”

Created by actor and director Faza Meonk and originally published as a comic strip on Facebook, Si Juki is a beloved character in Indonesia and has appeared in comic books, merchandise, toys, a YouTube animation series, as well as a mobile game app. The animated film, Si Juki The Movie: Panitia Hari Akhir, is also available on Disney+ Hotstar. 

Si Juki Anak Kosan: The Series was produced by Falcon Pictures, and directed by Daryl Wilson and Faza Meonk. View the trailer at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaaGkW5voAc

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