DOCSIS 4.0 becoming the new normal?

“Faster speed plus lower latency is the new normal,” said CommScope EVP & CTO Morgan Kurk, while commenting that the company is staying ahead of the technological curve with new breakthroughs in improved network scale, speed and latency.

He added: “The most important new use cases are relentless about response time.

“Three things are required to achieve this — an end-to-end view of the network; an agnostic approach to technology; and a distributed architecture that breeds innovation in the core, throughout the access layer, and at the edge.”

At the core, the distributed access architecture (DAA) aggregator is a massively scalable new architecture that extends fibre deeper into network through the increment of houses passed per RFD group from 20 to 150; therefore, it enables a deeper reach into the community within a simplified network.

While the extended software-only frequency division duplex (FDD) pushed network interface speeds beyond 1.2GHz, it is now being hailed as preliminary DOCSIS 4.0.

Furthermore, it is important to note that DOCSIS timing protocol allows precise timing distribution over the DOCSIS network. The precision is imperative for time-critical task and application, where a difference in fraction of a second determines success or failure. For instance, autonomous vehicle control could not afford to permit a fraction of risk.

“The innovations being fielded now are all about anticipating the network of tomorrow,” said Kurk.

“5G especially requires a flexible network, and open architectures gain new importance when cloud plus edge approaches become the imperative.”

“It’s no longer enough to have the fastest network,” said Tom Cloonan, CommScope’s chief technologist for network solutions in the company’s Office of the CTO.

“2020 is about efficiency and simplicity.

“There will be significant changes to architectures over time, and it’s important to work with a company that has both industry-leading technology and the expertise to execute at any point in that transformation.”

Editor’s note: DOCSIS (data over cable service interface specification) is an international telecommunications standard that can add high-bandwidth data transfer to an existing cable TV system; it allows cable TV operators to provide Internet access over their existing hybrid fibre-coaxial infrastructure.

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