DVB-I, an Internet-centric solution for linear TV

Although Internet delivery is not a new concept, DVB-I is being reimagined as the evolution of media distribution through developments in Internet-centric solution for linear TV services.

DVB, an industry-led consortium of broadcasters and manufacturers, anticipates a future in which DVB-I can distribute linear TV services on Internet in a standardised manner —without specific applications or integration. This is in line with the consortium’s specifications to ensure that linear television over the Internet is as user-friendly and robust as traditional broadcast television.

It also aims to support any devices with Internet connection including TV sets, smartphones, tablets and other media streaming devices.

In the scenario that both broadband and broadcast connections are available, devices will be able to present an integrated list of services and content, combining both streamed and broadcast services — users will not have to know or care whether a service arrives via broadband or broadcast.

As a result, broadcasters will be able to deploy a common service across a wide range of devices, while manufacturers can offer a single and consistent user experience for all video services.

Three of the prototype DVB-I clients — TPV Technology, Kineton and Viaccess-Orca — have implemented the DVB-I Service List, with a user interface that allows selection of the available services for a given device.

The completed DVB-I specification, in its first phase, will include the necessary support for programme guide metadata; however, this aspect of the specification was not sufficiently mature to allow implementation at IBC2019.

For what was demonstrated at IBC last week, log on to:

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