DVB sets up new group to enable targeted advertising spec

Co-chaired By Vincent Grivet and Angelo Pettazzi, the CM-TA group aims to unlock the full potential of targeted advertising in broadcast TV

Following the publication of the Study Mission Report on Targeted Advertising (TA) last September, the DVB Steering Board has proceeded with the formation of a dedicated TA group to execute the report’s recommendations.

Advertising has been an essential source of revenues for the TV ecosystem, despite the advertising market shifting towards digital, programmatic, targeted or addressable models. To better address TV advertising and underlying technologies, DVB created the Commercial Module (CM) – Study Mission Group (SMG) in March last year to access the relevance of generating a new DVB specification dedicated to enabling TA for broadcast TV. Last November, the DVB Steering Board approved the SMG report, and the creation of a dedicated CM-TA commercial subgroup.

In a joint statement, co-chairs of the CM-TA group — Vincent Grivet and Angelo Pettazzi — said: “There is a genuine appetite for TA to be made available for classical broadcast TV. This is accompanied by the overall feeling that with too many technical solutions, there is a risk of fragmentation in the marketplace that would hinder any progress. This is where the work of DVB on TA can help unlock the full potential of TA in broadcast TV.”

According to the DVB, the group will agree on a set of Commercial Requirements (CR) for TA by June this year, followed by the submission of the draft specification to the DVB Steering Board for approval. Once approved, the specification is expected to pave the way for the first market implementations in 2020.


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