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Elections graphics made simple

Miguel Churruca, Marketing & Communications Director, Brainstorm

Television is about delivering good quality, good looking content while enhancing efficiency and maximising resources, and this is applicable to all broadcasters, large and small.

However, smaller broadcasters are often forced to choose between quality and workflow efficiency, which in the competitive market we are in could drive them to consider content quality as a secondary issue. But great looking, good quality content should no longer be restricted to larger broadcasters, as smaller, regional and local TV stations now have the chance to deliver great content even when having limited resources using template-based solutions to cover specific areas such as Elections, Finance or Weather.

Elections are specific events for which broadcasters do not necessarily count on assigned teams, especially the smaller, regional or local TV stations. Likewise, the complexity of the data and the need to present the results immediately turn many of the existing graphic solutions inadequate, or requiring too much time for their set-up.

Regardless of the interest of each event, data themselves are “boring” for the viewers if they are displayed unprocessed, so broadcasters must present them in an attractive and understandable format to catch the audience’s attention and prevent viewers to be overwhelmed by large amounts of unconnected numbers.

Brainstorm has been covering elections almost since its foundation, both as an equipment supplier and as a service provider for its clients.

This extensive experience, ranging from data source management to innovative live graphics operation, has been transferred to Brainstorm’s most advanced graphic systems and also to affordable template-based solutions.

This is why solutions based on customisable templates, such as AstonElections, allow any broadcaster to perform elections coverage using a dedicated but affordable and easy-to-use solution.

AstonElections has been developed from the ground up with ease-of-use in mind, and by being designed specifically for elections’ data management, it provides significant savings in staff, set-up, installation and training costs. It does not require users to have specialised elections knowledge to generate attractive, detailed and high-quality graphics, since it comes with more than 20 customisable templates to display statistics including bar charts, lists, rankings, clocks, coalitions, tickers and many more.

Its templates allow for easy operation, from graphics’ customisation to on-air operation, including automatic data management.

Indeed, AstonElections can display elections graphics in just three steps:

  1. Data management. Establishing the origin of the data and its destination in the template, adding logos, photos of candidates, and so on.
  2. Template customisation. Colours, logos, animations, sizes, type fonts, backgrounds and other elements, to adjust the graphics to the channel’s branding.
  3. Graphics playout. With preview and programme display, graphics can be triggered directly, one by one or combined.

On top of that, once the elections are over, AstonElections remains useful as a specialised and easy-to-use graphic solution, capable of generating all kinds of statistical graphics based on external data, or even using its CG capabilities with tickers and titling templates.


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