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Elevate ensures Custom Consoles desks installed to specifications

Systems integrator Elevate Broadcast has selected Custom Consoles control room and studio desks as part of a project for an Asia-Pacific free-to-air TV and radio network. The project includes the installation of nine Module-R series desks fitted among five TV studios and two radio stations.

Supervising the project on behalf of Elevate is Russ Jones, who emphasised the importance for every desk to be able to accommodate relevant equipment, power cables and signal feeds while ensuring access from front and rear for routine maintenance. He said,  “We specified and integrated a total of five TV studio control desks, two audio control desks and two radio studio control desks, plus a music studio desk, two transmission control desks and two studio interview tables.”

Gary Fuller, Sales Manager of Custom Consoles, added, “All of the control desks in the project have a unified styling.

“We normally install Module-R on site. In this instance, we shipped the various pre-assembled elements for integration by the Elevate team. That is routine for our EditOne and EditOne-Radio series, which are shipped as flat-packs, but was a first time for Module-R.”

TV studio galleries 1 and 2 are configured as almost identical 13-bay-width in-line Module-R desks with 8U equipment pods above each of two camera operations bay and 3U pods further to the right. Both desk worktops were pre-cut to accommodate the control panel of a vision switcher. Shared between the TV studio galleries is a six-bay audio control desk with an inset audio mixer, a 13U-high floor-to-desktop equipment pod and three 4U desktop pods. 

Also included in the project were two four-bay wide transmission control desks with left and right supporting equipment pods and four 4U-high back-tilted equipment pods, plus two studio interview tables with acoustically treated worktops.

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