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ABox42 and Singularity have jointly developed a solution that supports both IPTV and OTT services

ABox42 and Singularity have entered a strategic partnership which will see the former’s smart set-top box (STB) platform — comprising hardware and software solutions — integrated with the latter’s HTML-5-based TV middleware. The joint solution has been released in the US, Canada, as well as South and Central American markets.

Matt Ailts, president at Singularity, said: “The trends and requirements for watching TV nowadays are changing at a rapid pace. The North American market is facing disruption by new service providers and over-the-top (OTT) players, and this is forcing many US operators to reshape their TV strategy.”

Designed to support both IPTV and OTT multi-screen services, the joint solution is packed with features — such as live, catch-up, restart and on-demand TV — enabling media operators to remain competitive and keep pace with new technologies in today’s pay-TV market.

For the end-users, the deployment of the joint solution will empower them with control over the video consumption experience across TVs, smartphones, tablets and other pre-set device environments. In addition, cloud PVR (personal video recorder) capabilities will allow them to record TV content and watch it at their preferred time.

Matthias Greve, CEO and founder of ABox42, concluded: “The solution we have created with Singularity offers TV operators a quick and easy integration process in their own environment, as well as in the existing environment of end-users.

“With a future-proof, compelling solution like this, operators and other content providers can reduce churn, gain new customers, and capitalise on new revenue sources.”


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