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Entertainment EnGage uses predictive modelling to better track viewer preferences

For a long time, gauging engagement level of streaming originals has been limited to the number of views per series. EDO – a data, measurement and analytics company – has mastered the art of harnessing unruly data to provide real-time insights on the engagement levels and relative interest in streaming originals, whether TV shows or movies, and celebrities.

The beta launch of Entertainment EnGage (EEG) can track predictive behavioural of viewers and leading indicator of demand as well as providing the ability to gauge interest, understand trends, while assessing talent on a continuous basis. This offers agencies or producers greater degree of visibility as they make casting decisions and partner for endorsement.

Apart from comprehensive view of the originals’ performance, EDO provides competitive advantage as it is able to determine how specific titles are stacking up against comparable titles in the streaming industry. For instance, EEG is able to leverage on Search Engagement metrics to assess competitive library titles and evaluate potential packaging options. 

Furthermore, it provides predictive modelling for strategic business and financial decisions. 

Kevin Krim, president & CEO of EDO, said: “As competition among streaming services and studios ratchets up the stakes, these entertainment companies continue to seek innovative data solutions. 

“Actionable insights into true consumer intent have never been more critical. 

“In our beta pilots, we have seen clients utilise EEG to monitor their new titles, make decisions with more confidence, and ultimately achieve greater results.”

The news release claimed that EDO has already signed two of the largest streaming services to a confidential beta pilot program that began in early April of this year.

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