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EPLAN presents full fee-based ‘pack & go’ version of eManage

Solutions provider EPLAN is presenting the full version of the eManage software that offers considerably more added value than the earlier free version that allowed users to upload, share and manage EPLAN Platform projects in the cloud environment. 

The full version of the software permits master data to be accessed in the cloud, as also supplementary documents, and performance is increased with additional capacity. Collaboration is at the heart of the application, which networks OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), system integrators, machine builders and operators.

The full version of eManage has been available since the release of the new EPLAN Platform 2022 in September this year. The fee-based expansion stage of this innovative cloud software enables the first steps towards roundtrip-enabled engineering in automation.

“Until now, if a project is shared in the cloud, the schematics are visible, but not all the accompanying documentation,” explains Claas Schreibmuller, EPLAN’s Head of Engineering Solutions. “The full version of EPLAN eManage offers added value in this area. Project stakeholders are provided access to all data and documentation relevant to the project, including bills of materials as well as neutral documents in Excel.

“These become interchangeable with a uniform foundation of data. The complete overview of customer requirements and project requirements provides more transparency for all stakeholders involved in developing a machine or plant system.”

Appropriate rights management ensures that data access can be precisely regulated. Many people work from home these days, and this is where users often bump into system limits – while they may be able to access a project, they often cannot access the corresponding master data that is specified as a standard throughout a company for design projects. 

EPLAN eManage now offers the exchange of system-relevant master data that can be easily retrieved and, as necessary, taken along according to the “pack & go” principle. Project managers can thus very easily make master data centrally available. 

Putting it all in a nutshell, Schreibmüller says: “Wherever the user works, all relevant master data can be accessed and doesn’t have to be laboriously copied.”

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