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Es’hailSat enhances broadcasting capabilities with innovative Playout & Media Services

Experience the wide gamut of broadcasting with Es’hailSat’s Playout & Media Services, seamlessly integrating the wide reach of satellite distribution with flexible playout and media management solutions for maximum audience impact.

In the dynamic realm of broadcasting, staying ahead of the curve is not just a goal; it’s a necessity. Es’hailSat, Qatar’s leading satellite operator, exemplifies this, as it has enhanced the way it enables broadcasters deliver content to audiences across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region while ensuring flexibility and peace-of-mind in operations.

The company’s launch of its Playout & Media Services in 2023 marks a significant step forward, providing a comprehensive solution for television channels looking to broadcast their content quickly and efficiently. The Playout & Media Services offer a unique advantage: a one-stop shop for all your broadcasting needs. No more juggling multiple providers – Es’hailSat combines its established satellite distribution and contribution platforms with cutting-edge playout solutions.

This streamlined approach ensures rapid channel deployment, giving content creators peace of mind and the ability to reach the widest possible audience in the most cost-competitive manner.

“Over the course of 2023, we have added more than 20 new TV channels to our video hotspot across the two satellites and many of these are availing of our Playout & Media Services in some form or another. This itself is a testament to the fact that customers trust us with their TV channel bouquets and both our market share and regional growth are secured as a result,” Hamad Al Mannai, Vice President – Commercial of Es’hailSat said.

Seamless operations, maximum reach

What sets Es’hailSat apart is its robust infrastructure. Its co-located Es’hail-1 and Es’hail-2 satellites, positioned at 25.5 East / 26 East hotspot, offer high-powered Ku-band and Ka-band beams specifically designed for broadcast and Direct-to-Home (DTH) services across the MENA region.

Complementing this impressive satellite network is Es’hailSat’s state-of-the-art Teleport facility in Doha, Qatar. This 50,000 square metre facility provides the essential infrastructure to support broadcasters, telecom companies, enterprises, and government clients.

As Al Mannai highlighted: “By combining all of these features with our recently launched Playout & Media services, as well as Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG), Outdoor Broadcast Van (OBVAN) and Occasional Use (OU) capabilities, we are able to offer highly efficient and complete end-to-end broadcasting services to our customers.”

In addition to its robust infrastructure, Es’hailSat also recognises the importance of collaboration. The company has fostered partnerships with various technological innovators and providers to enhance end-to-end service provisioning. These encompass advancements in optical ground stations, terminals, flat panel antennas, and mobile satellite services. Additionally, collaborations with companies like iDirect and Kymeta enhance Es’hailSat’s end-to-end service delivery.

Es’hailSat also has sales partners and channel partners to help expand its presence across the region. These partnerships leverage Es’hailSat’s local and regional expertise, making them invaluable assets for global companies seeking to establish a foothold in the MENA market.

“As Qatar’s satellite operator of choice, we bring tremendous value to any partnership and can provide the local and regional expertise that these global companies need to build a sustainable business in the region,” Al Mannai stated.

This collaborative approach is also evident in Es’hailSat’s MoU with Nilesat in February 2024, which allows them to serve customers beyond Qatar.

Scalability and flexibility to meet diverse needs

Es’hailSat caters to broadcasters of all sizes, with its combined satellite and teleport infrastructure offering exceptional scalability and flexibility. Es’hail-1 and Es’hail-2 satellites and teleport facilities provide broadcasters with high-powered beams and room to grow, accommodating effortless transitions from Standard to High Defintion to Ultra High Definition (4K) services.

Concurrently, Es’hailSat has a team of highly skilled, multilingual engineers who provide 24/7 support from their Doha teleport facility. They are equipped with the advanced tools and software that are necessary to optimise satellite capacity usage.

“This combination of talent and technology, together with the flexibility of being a young, adaptable company, ensures that we are constantly striving to meet the growing demands of our customers from Qatar and across MENA,” Al Mannai stressed.

Staying ahead of the curve

The satellite communication and broadcasting industries are constantly evolving, and Es’hailSat continuously strives to keep up with these emerging trends and developments with its forward-looking approach.

Amidst concerns surrounding video content distribution such as piracy and pricing, Es’hailSat is committed to providing converged solutions that leverage the reach and reliability of satellites with the cost-effectiveness of internet delivery for both contribution and distribution. Es’hailSat underscored that satellite broadcasting remains vital for content consumption. Whilst the growth rate of linear television may not be what it was pre-pandemic, Es’hailSat sees potential in the MENA video market.

Partnerships and vertical integration initiatives also remain pivotal as Es’hailSat expands its service offerings, geographical coverage, and strategic priorities.

Es’hailSat’s vision is to be a world-class service provider, actively contributing to the success of Qatar’s National Vision 2030. Expansion into new geographies like Africa and Central Europe reflects Es’hailSat’s commitment to bridging communication gaps and unlocking new opportunities for growth and connectivity.

Discover the power of Es’hailSat’s Playout & Media Services today and unlock limitless possibilities for your broadcasting needs.

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